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There are over 75 different card/bookmark choices with hens and roosters, ducks, owls, mice, cats, dogs, and a growing selection of other birds and animals are also available. Various card groups feature orchids, succulents, Buddhas, seashells, wildflowers, butterflies, and much more.

I sell primarily at art shows, gift shops, garden centers, book stores, and by personal email inquiries for low resolution jpg card samples. I'll be glad to send a list of regional stores carrying work near you.

I teach colored pencil basics along with shading and texture techniques to students of all ages and levels. Art subjects include flowers, seashells, or a project of your choice.

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If you have never worked with colored pencils and want to explore an exciting new medium, come for a  three hour session and learn which pencils and drawing papers to use.

Practice diverse techniques while finding the ones that feel right for you.

Gain familiarity with the many different pencils, blending tools, special effects, and problem-solving techniques for your designs.

A workshop is a convenient and less expensive way to combine three weeks of lessons into one morning or afternoon. You can always follow up with individual classes to further hone your skills.

For more information, please contact me here.