My biography

My journey was inevitable. As a child I painted and drew flowers, birds, and strange insects on every wall left unguarded in the house. Subsequent “imprisonment” in my room for defacing my mother’s best wallpaper naturally led to more and more drawings while sequestered, which led to summer art lessons with an artistic cousin (a noted portraitist), which then led to being selected by my teachers in school to paint classroom art projects, even though I had not raised my hand to volunteer (a concept that still appears to be in force). This inevitably led to a college fine arts major, and finally, to a fabulous art school in Florida where I felt like I’d died and gone to heaven.

Making gifts for friends

Detailed artwork in my father’s medical magazines were influential growing up. While illustrating biology notebooks in high school, I knew I wanted to work with intricate details. Through the years I’ve painted portraits of people and animals, illustrated medical reports for a pathologist, drawn seashells for museums, books, and magazines, illustrated for archeologists, developed an extensive line of note cards with nature themes (my attempt to keep my favorite long-time mail carrier in business), and designed wedding invitations, business cards, and countless other creative projects.

Exhibiting my work

It has been quite a journey. Now, my artwork is represented in corporate and private collections nationally, and in more than twenty countries. It would probably take twenty lifetimes to draw and paint all of the ideas constantly percolating in my mind.

Hiring me for commisions

My favorite subjects include orchids, peonies, irises, lilies, and wildflowers. At the moment, my commissions include passion flowers, dahlias, and Mayflowers (perhaps, your favorite flowers next?).