Shopping for a small holiday gift?

If someone you know has a birthday or special occasion, visit my note cards/bookmarks gallery to find distinctive greeting cards, nature bookmarks, or other items.

Note cards printed from my drawings are $4.00 each, or $14.00 for four cards (envelopes included). Keep checking for more card selections. For Massachusetts orders, please add 6.25 % for sales tax.

To buy note cards or nature bookmarkscontact me.

My line of nature photography cards will be posted soon.





To view drawings of my flowers and seashells, visit the Galleries menu.

If you have inquiries about commissioning me for private projects,
please contact me.

Original giclée prints for sale

Visit my galleries to view original, high-resolution giclée prints of drawings that are available for purchase. The giclées, ranging in price from $50 to $150, are printed on archival paper. Print sizes vary from piece to piece, so let me know what size you’d like. To buy a print, or to commission a special drawing, contact me.

To view drawings of my seashells, or to shop for smaller gifts (such as note cards and nature bookmarks), see the menu at the top of your screen.

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What are giclée prints?

Giclée prints (pronounced zhee-klay) are high quality fine art reproductions made with archival inks on canvas and archival papers. Advances in digital technology combined with meticulous printmaking techniques make it possible to create prints which are extremely accurate, and in many cases virtually indistinguishable from the original work of art. Unlike traditional offset printing, giclée prints do not use a pattern of dots to reproduce full-range color.

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Made with archival materials and properly protected, a giclée print can last as long or even longer than an original work (estimates range from 80-100 years and up). To properly care for giclée prints, they should be framed with archival materials, including acid-free matting and UV glass.

For more information about giclée prints (if you live in New England), contact
Joe Ofria, giclée print maker and photographer of art works.

My pencils and papers

I use at least ten different brands for varied effects. Sometimes I use all of them in one drawing. As time allows, I keep experimenting with new brands. I recommend The Encyclopedia of Colored Pencil Techniques by Judy Martin, especially because I’m in it.

Some of my favorite pencils include:

  • Derwent Coloursoft pencils are rich, velvety, and easily blended.
  • Caran d’Ache Luminance pencils are highly lightfast and great for blending.
  • Derwent Artist richly-pigmented pencils are excellent for detailed work and for burnishing shiny areas.
  • Prismacolor pencils have thick leads that blend well in larger areas.
  • Verithin pencils, as the name implies, work well in tight corners with their sharp points. They do not blend as well as the others because of the high wax content.
  • Derwent Inktense water-soluble ink pencils are quite brilliant in color and are perfect for permanent washes.
  • Caran d’Ache Neocolor II pastel “crayons” are water-soluble, but I can use  dry for drawing.
  • Conte pastel pencils and Derwent pastel pencils serve as my first layer of my drawings, a foundation upon which I place the next pencil layers. I like the build-up of colors, layer by layer.

My favorite papers include:

  • Arches, Cover Black, 22 x 30, 250 GSM (Made in France)
  • Crescent Illustration Board, #310 Cold Press, Acid Free
  • Strathmore 500 paper